Lee Phemister

Lead Artist / Animator







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Accomplished 3D artist and animator with extensive lead experience in PC, console and handheld game development and project management. Diversified skills and experience as a manager of teams, projects and schedules as it relates to art production for entertainment software.



• 10 Plus years of Art / Animation production
• 5 years art team manager and Art Lead at Nintendo
• PC, Console and Handheld development experience
• Multiple Shipped AAA titles at world class studios
• Out sourcing management
• Tracking, Scheduling and Localization management
• Nintendo game creation prototyping and design


Dungeon Siege series RPG:
Gas Powered Games,
Published by Microsoft

Guild Wars Series MMO
Published by NC Soft

Metroid Prime Hunters FPS
Nintendo DS

H.A.M.M.E.R. 3rd Person Action
Nintendo (unreleased)
Nintendo Wii

WiiCrush 3rd Person Action
Nintendo (unreleased)
Nintendo Wii

Nintendo DSi Widget Development
Nintendo DSi

Software Experience:

• Maya
• 3D Studio Max
• Character Studio
• Adobe Photoshop
• Nitro Character
• Nitro SDK
• Nintendo Ware
• Wii SDK
• Adobe After Effects
• Adobe Premier
• MS Office / Project
• MS Visio Flash
• OptPix P4 / Vss


Success Factors Training for Managers
Nintendo of America - March 2009

Manager Tools Training Workshops for Management Development - June 2008

Technical Associates Degree in Communications and 3D Animation April 1996 - March 1998

Clover Park Technical College, Lakewood Washington;

Southern Nevada Community College
General education May 1990 - May 1993

Valley High School, Las Vegas, Nevada 1990

Work History:

Nintendo Software: Lead Artist
Bellevue, Washington; Oct 2008 - June 2009

Lead Artist on the DSi Widgets projects. Managed a team of artists and produced 2D assets for software widgets supporting the DSi hardware launch. Managed all art assets, schedules and localization for a line up of software to be distributed through Nintendo online store.

Nintendo Software: Art Scheduling Manager / Animator
Bellevue, Washington; Sep 2007 - July 2008

Art scheduling manager and animator for Wii Crush an unreleased title for the Wii console. Animated Characters and Props and items for the game. Produced all Art milestone schedules for the over all art goals of the title using MS Project and Sql server.

Nintendo Software: Lead Artist
Bellevue, Washington; July 2005 - Aug 2007

Performed as an Art Lead for Project H.A.M.M.E.R. on the Nintendo Wii. Responsible for Models, Textures, Animation and FX for this unreleased title. Led a large group of artists, animators, contractors and scripters in production of all game related content. Produced art schedules and collaborated with design and engineering groups to meat milestone goals. Produced models, textures, animations and example art assets for items and world objects. Worked with Massive Black Studios on production of concept art work. Managed outsourcing of FMV assets to Poly Assets. Responsible for art team staffing, conducted reviewing, interviewing and hiring of all candidates.

Nintendo Software: Lead Artist / Animator
Bellevue, Washington; Jan 2004 - May 2005

Performed as a Lead Artist/Animator on Metriod Prime Hunters for the Nintendo DS. Responsible for all Characters, Animations, Weapons, and Items for the project. Worked as the lead animator modeler and texture artist for all characters in the game. Supplied art schedules and managed a team of other artists helping them reach their milestone goals. Collaborated with and managed outsourcing needs with Retro, Massive Black, and Poly assets studios. Managed and organized all incoming art assets. Performed portfolio reviews and interviews related to art staff hiring for the project.

Bellevue, Washington; May, 2002 - Aug, 2004

Worked as an integral part of the development team for the Guild Wars franchise published by NC Soft. Worked as Character Animator, Modeling, Texture mapping, Technical Art, Environmental Props, Ambient creatures, Monsters, and Level Design Support.

Gas Powered Games;
Kirkland, Washington; April, 1998 - May, 2002

Worked as an integral part of the development team for Dungeon Siege for Microsoft. My contributions as a Sr. and Lead 3D/2D Artist/Animator included but were not limited to:
Characters: Modeling, texturing, and rigging of skeletal systems, vertex weight assignments, and animation. Working with design and content engineering to get characters hooked up in the engine. Making sure they were aesthetically appealing in functionality as well as related spells and effects. Creation of character content helping documentation to aid in design and implementation for content engineering.
Armor and weapons: Aided the development of the armor and weapons system by working with engineering. Content creation of much of the assets, including in-game art as well as related gui elements. Tracking and documentation of content and naming conventions for organization and efficiency as well as task assignment and aiding design.
Environments, Props and Terrain: Modeled, texture, rigged and animated numerous props and Terrain for the world. Worked with level designers on game play issues such as pathing and blocking. Props such as bridges, gates, walls, and stairs adding aesthetic appeal to the levels but added in mission flow.
Game objects and items: Created hundreds of in-game items for population of the Dungeon Siege world. Adding to realism and detail, helping bring the levels to life. Worked closely with design to build the content needed for the world supporting aesthetics and game play.