Lee Phemister

Lead Artist / Animator






Metroid Hunters
Character: Kanden

I joined Nintendo as a lead artist to work on Metroid Hunters for the DS. This was a fantastic challenge and I am really proud of what we accomplished. Less is more when you are developing such an ambitious game for a handheld. I was the character and animation lead responsible for all characters, bosses, enemies, animations, weapons, fx , environment props, art schedules, tracking docs, out sourcing and management of the team I was on.  Shown here are a few of the characters and animations I created for the title. Each of these characters is around 500 polys with very small textures. It was a huge challenge creating the art for this game as the limitations are very tight on handhelds. None the less I felt we created a great looking title for the Nintendo DS. Being able to squeeze every last pixel and polygon out of the hardware was a fun and exciting challenge.  This game played great and working on a FPS was a really fun.