Lee Phemister

Lead Artist / Animator






Gameplay Animations

Project HAMMER was intended to be a 3rd person action title for release on the Wii.  I joined this team as an object Lead when Metroid finished but was soon after asked to take over the art production lead role. I was responsible for the management and production of all characters, animations, FX, in game movies, out sourcing for concepts to Massive Black and cinematics to Poly Assets, production schedules, content implementation, team building, interviewing, and hiring, the list goes on and on. Most of the time I acted in more of a producer capacity than as an artist, however, I would create example art  for style guides for the team to show what we were making.  I spent a lot of time working with the design team helping them reach their vision for the game. The content shown here I did not directly create as I was leading and managing the production rather than producing the art. These are some movies and screens of HAMMER from E3 very early in the development process. I gained some great experience managing this project and being one of the leads.  At the high point I was managing 14 people from artists to scripter’s. We were able to produce an astounding amount of content.